When certain areas on the map are invaded, additional reinforcements are released to the defending side. For the Allies this may include a reinforcement convoy, which disbands soon after and releases a large number of devices and planes into the pools.

Note that in games against Allied AI reinforcements arrive to mainland bases. E.g. all India reinforcements appear in Karachi, with Karachi-bound division appearing on the next turn after the invasion, while all other units arriving the day after that.


Activation area: The Australian mainland one hex South of Brisbane and Tasmania. [1]

Reinforcements triggered:

Unit Arrival Location
44th British Division Cape Town
9th Australian Division Aden
2nd British Para Brigade Cape Town
7th South African Armoured Brigade Cape Town
27th Rhodesian Brigade Cape Town
1st AA Brigade Aden
Natal Mounted Rifles Regiment Cape Town

Reinforcement Convoy:

214 AIF Inf Section 42
24 3" Mortar
24 Bren AAMG (x2)
72 25 Pounder Gun
48 M3A1 Armoured Car
48 Vickers Section
48 Bren Section
108 Brit Inf Section
48 2pdr AT Gun
48 40mm Bofors AA Gun
250 Motorized Support
48 AIF Cmbt Eng
48 Matilde II Tank
24 3.7" Mountain Gun
48 Stuart I Light Tank
48 Kittyhawk IA
48 Vengeance I
12 Catalina IIIA
32 Spitfire Vc Trop
48 Mitchell II


Activation area: The Indian mainland, the trigger line is one hex South of Delhi

Reinforcements triggered:

Unit Arrival Location
XXI Indian Corps Aden
31th Armoured Division Aden
5th Indian Division Aden
6th Indian Division Abadan
8th Indian Division Aden
10th Indian Division Aden
Waziristan Division Karachi
XXI Corps Engineer Battalion Aden

Reinforcement Convoy:

216 Ind Inf Section 42
24 3" Mortar
24 Bren AAMG (x2)
72 25 Pounder Gun
30 Valentine Tank
24 Vickers Section
36 Bren Section
36 4.5" Field Gun
216 Brit Inf Section 43
24 40mm Bofors AA Gun
240 Motorized Support
25 5.25" AA Gun
30 Humber IV
72 Frontier Scouts
72 Hurricane IIa Trop
72 Wellington Ic
36 Vengeance I
24 Catalina I
72 Spitfire VIII
30 Merchant Ship (= Supply Injection)

New ZealandEdit

Activation area: Invasions on both New Zealand islands will trigger invasion reinforcements

Reinforcements triggered:

Unit Arrival Location
51st Highlander Division Cape Town
2nd Army Tank Brigade Canada
32nd Army Tank Brigade Aden
4th New Zealand Brigade Aden
5th New Zealand Brigade Aden
6th New Zealand Brigade Aden
2nd New Zealand Division Cavaly Regiment Cape Town
28th Maori Battalion Aden

Reinforcement Convoy:

108 NZ Inf Section
48 3" Mortar
48 Bren AAMG (x2)
72 18 Pounder Gun
30 Beaverette
24 Vickers Section
240 Motorized Support
72 Valentine III
108 Brit Inf Section
36 NZ Combat Engineer
12 PBY-5 Catalina
36 SBD-3 Dauntless
24 Hudson III (LR)
54 Kittyhawk IA
24 PV-1 Ventura
24 Vildebeest IV
24 Vincent I

West CoastEdit

Activation area: Mainland USA and the islands in front of Los Angeles. Invasions in Alaska and Canada will not activate the reinforcements.

Reinforcements triggered:

Unit Arrival Location
II USA Corps San Luis Obispo
II USA Armored Corps Salt Lake City
2nd Armored Division Salt Lake City
4th Motorized Division Salt Lake City
8th Motorized Division Salt Lake City
36th Infantry Division Salt Lake City
Provisional Tank Brigade Mojave
2nd Army Tank Brigade Canada

Reinforcement Convoy:

150 Can Inf Section
24 Can Cmbt Eng
24 Bren AAMG (x2)
24 25 Pounder Gun
24 Vickers Section
36 Bren Section
50 Halftrack
300 USA Rifle Squad 42
200 81mm M1 Mortar
80 US MMG Section
80 US Cmbt Eng Sqd
80 US HMG Section
240 57mm M1A3 AT Gun
120 105mm M3 Howitzer
40 0.5in M51Quad AAMG
5 CPS-1 Radar
240 M3 Stuart Light Tank
240 M3 Lee Tank

Air Units: The invasion of the American West Coast will also trigger the early arrival of many American and Canadian air units. Tests show about 90 air units showing up when the West Coast is invaded at the end of March.[2]


Activation area: Any of the main Japanese Home Islands will trigger the invasion reinforcements. Paramushiro-Jima is also a trigger base.

Reinforcements triggered:

Unit Arrival Location
Guards Depot Division Tokyo
2nd Depot Division Sendai
3rd Depot Division Nagoya
4th Depot Division Osaka/Kyoto
5th Depot Division Hiroshima/Kure
6th Depot Division Kumamoto
51st Depot Division Utsonomiya
55th Depot Division Takamatsu
56th Depot Division Kurume
57th Depot Division Hirosaki/Aomori
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